Sharpless (+<) is Jack Greenleaf's debut album. It's an album about infatuation of all kinds, and having the balls to take yourself seriously. It's about impulse decisions and missing the times when the right words came so naturally. It's about cleaning up puke, and selfishly comparing a break up to a devastating, world-shattering tragedy. It's about sorting mail.

Thank you to Henry Crawford and Ian Cory for being the brothers I never had, and for helping me accomplish my visions throughout the years. Thank you Rivers and Sawao for keeping me company. Thank you Richard, for teaching me that the things you make are worth as much as you want them to be. Thank you Mom and Dad, for supporting me constantly with no hesitation. Thank you to Namasensei for all of the advice, and for affirming the fact that my dreams can come true as long as I'm not a bitch. Thank you Felix, Oliver, Charlie, Tola, Sam, Jack F, Nathan, Corey, Max, Eli, Lucio, and Scout: The best bandmates and the best friends a guy could ask for. Thank you Julia and Aaron for the hardest I've ever laughed. Thank you Kate, Lucas, Gabby, Peter, Leigh, Akil, Stella, Dan, Spencer, Taylor, Dave, Aaron S, and everyone else that has, in some small way, pushed me to make this or given me hope. Thank you New York and Japan for letting me feel like there's somewhere else to go. Thank you to the girl in the dream I had when I was six, telling me I was good at Starfox 64 in a bodega. I will always love you. Thank you Carlie, Skyler, Leia, Fay, and Montana.credits released 27 February 2011

All songs written, arranged, and recorded by Jack Greenleaf
(Unless otherwise noted)